I am not a football fan. Not even a little bit. This story, however, caught my attention and I now find myself sitting in front of the TV as I type this. I'm watching the Jets vs Patriots game. Who knew?

So I guess Jets coach Rex Ryan has been bad mouthing the Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, pretty badly over the last few weeks in the press. I'm not sure what the history between the two teams is because as I mentioned... I don't care. Well this Rex guy has been in the tabloids recently for some foot fetish funny business. Someone found these tapes of his wife Michelle (username iHavePrettyFeet) online, showing off her feet and talking about her pretty toes. The mans voice in the video is allegedly coach Rex himself. The videos seem really mild as far as fetish videos go, but you can imagine the controversy I'm sure. Here's a video screenshot from one of the videos next to a photo of Rex and his wife. She either has a secret twin or that's her.
(link to TMZ and one of the fetish videos)

Here's where the story gets good! To get back at Rex for his shit talking, Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker stepped up to the podium during an interview and took jabs at him about his foot fetish scandal. Every question he's asked (11 in total) he finds a way to use the word "foot" or "toe" in every answer. It's mostly been reported as "subtle" but I think it's pretty obvious that he's referencing Rex Ryan. It's totally hilarious! See for yourself....

So good!! hahahaha. 

Anyway, sorry for the sports talk I just thought you'd enjoy this story as much as I do. ;)

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