The Scholl Residence by Studio B ArchitectsThe School Residence is one of the best modern home design ideas created by Studio B Architects located in Aspen, Colorado. The steep site possessed challenges with drainage, topography, a small footprint, restrictive easements and was required to address very limiting neighborhood design review standards.

The Scholl Residence by Studio B ArchitectsContextually, the area was developed in the 1960’s and surrounding residents were quite resistant to the architectural direction. Although the neighborhood is one of transition, this was the greatest challenge in realizing the project.

The Scholl Residence by Studio B ArchitectsThe clients dwell between Miami and Aspen and are avid collectors of ideographic and photography. They requested a solution and an architecture that would exhibit their expanding and revolving collection. The exterior is composed of custom zinc panels, sand-blasted concrete, aluminum window/door glazing system and tempered glass railings.